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Your dog well-being, our priority

At Queva, we deeply understand the bond you share with your furry friend. Every wagging tail, every playful bark, and every affectionate nuzzle tells a story. That's why your dog's well-being isn't just a service to us – it's a commitment.  Because when they're at their best, so are you. Their well-being is, and always will be, our utmost priority.

Vet Analysis 24/7

Access round-the-clock veterinary insights with our Vet Analysis 24/7, ensuring your pet's health is always in expert hands.

Health & Behavior Assessment

Gain insights into your pet's wellness with our Health & Behavior Assessment, offering expert analysis and guidance for optimal well-being

Be accompanied when something not normal

Get guidance when anomalies arise, ensuring you're never alone in addressing your pet's needs.

Simplify Pet Care with Queva's Smart Collars

Empowering pet owners with peace of mind.

Proactive Pet Health: It offers real-time health insights, preventing issues before they become problems.
Peace of Mind: Monitor your pet's vital signs and behaviors remotely with Queva's smart collar.
Revolutionize Pet Care:Our approved technology empower pet owners to take a proactive approach to pet health.
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Our collar

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Available to pickup at SNAC MTL 2023 #1107
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Available to pickup at SNAC MTL 2023 #1107
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You can now prevent health issue earlier with Queva


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Queva's collar is like having a vet on call 24/7. Peace of mind for every pet owner.

Emily, Beta User

Queva's smart collar is a pet owner's dream. Keeps your dog healthy, effortlessly!

Zach, Beta User

Assessment to complete when we detect something

When an issue is detected, this assessment provides a swift analysis, pinpointing the cause and guiding corrective action

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Does your dog frequently bark when people entering in your house ? 
How soon after leaving do symptoms start?
Are certain events making the anxiety worse?

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How are you able to keep track of my dog health ?

Thanks to our various sensors and our AI, we can now track your pet’s activity and be able to detect any anomaly related to its health.

When the collar will being available ?

Currently, we plan to begin pre-ordering the QuevaCollar very soon. We expect to launch the pre-orders during the year 2023. To be notified of the release, we invite you to join our waiting list.

Will you have monthly subscription?

A monthly subscription will be required to use all the functions of our collar, including GPS. Prices will be announced soon.

Will it only work in United States ?

No, the LTE-M connection will work globally.

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