A smart collar for dogs that monitors their & activity

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Why Queva

Queva smart devices translate millions of data points about your dog’s daily behavior into in-depth health and activity insights. See how Simon dad, Zach, started using Queva to better understand how he’s doing—and how to help her stay as healthy and happy as possible.

How do we keep your dog healthy?

Activity Monitoring

You will now be able to track all of your dog’s activity: walking, playing, running, sleep quality, etc.

Vet Analysis

All of the data collected are analyzed with scientific facts by our AI.

GPS Tracking

Get notified in real-time if your dog leaves predefined areas, like your yard.

Your dog by your side, for a long time

Improving health with activity monitoring

Dog heath does not characterize by “the silence of the organs”. We need to understand that we can’t declare a dog in good health just by absence of ill or pain.

Anxiety, overweight, and other heath and behaviour issues cannot just be seen but need to be analyzed. 

As a complement to a vet expertise, we are here to inform owners and support our pet friends who cannot verbalize their well-being.

Created by dog owners, for dog owners

Here is what they said about us

“I really like this project and can’t wait to pre-order the collar for my dog!'”


Jacques Garepia
Golden Doodle owner

“I find this idea really interesting because I often wonder what my dog is doing when I’m away!”

Mohammed Ouinon
German Shepard owner

“This is a great project for my anxious dog! I will buy it as soon as it is available!”


Aubert Thiboutot
Golden Retriever owner
1 %

1 dog out of 7 has an

unknown problem

Between 10% and 20% of dogs are either at risk or already suffer from difficult to diagnose heart conditions.

The story behind QuevaCollar

Founded in 2020, Queva is a startup in the field of animal health. We have one mission: improve the dog’s well-being with technology. We’ve created a smart dog’s collar made to monitor the health of dogs and to help the owners improve their dog’s condition day to day with smart advice given by experts.